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episode 42: David and Goliath

Yahweh hand-selected a king but apparently he made a mistake so he changed his mind about who should be king and chooses another to reign in his place. But he also never changes his mind. Before this kid can be king he must be introduced to the reader in three separate and contradictory scenes, including a showdown with a giant who isn't as tall as he appears.

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episode 41: Yahweh Chooses a King

The people of Israel have asked for a king to rule over them and Yahweh makes his choice. But how good a choice is Saul son of Kish? Not very good as it turns out. That's what happens when you elect a leader based solely on height.

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episode 40: Five Golden Hemorrhoids

We hope back into the Old Testament with 1 Samuel to learn about Samuel, Saul, and the fate of those who dare to steal Yahweh's sacred box. What's the proper gift to appease and angry god? What do rats have to do with all of this? And what's going on with the Temple of Dagon? Wasn't that thing destroyed in the last book? And stick around for another cool announcement.